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I approach my consulting from the perspective of what I can offer to my clients, not what I can sell them. I feel that this coupled with my insatiable appetite for knowledge, is the edge that makes my offerings unique. I am supremely concerned with relationship building, and feel that if you do your best for your clients, friends, family and colleagues, the dollars and cents will take care of themselves.

I'm blessed to have found my talent at an early age where worry and second-guessing had little grip on my actions. Since 1996, I've pushed onward with what I like to think of as an "overwhelmingly positive attitude." I'm happy (and blessed) to report that the "Golden Rule" is very much in effect.

Thank you so much for browsing my pages here, I hope you feel like you have gotten to know me and my philosophy towards consulting. If you would like to contact me, please feel free. (CLICK HERE)



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