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In addition to answering your calls promptly and courteously (I've been known to return calls well after 11pm!) I have had 10 years of experience working with Dentists and Dental offices throughout Long Island, NY, NJ and CT, and have honed my skills to provide your practice with the following critical resources:

Consultation on Which Practice Management Package to Choose
This includes meeting with you and your staff to discuss your needs, wants and goals, selecting which packages you should demo and attending in-office demonstrations with you

Consultation on The Right Computer Systems and Servers for your Practice
Including the evaluation of existing technologies, equipment and design for stability and future growth. If you're having issues such as slow networking, slow PCs, crashes, errors or lost data, I will evaluate your situation and provide solutions to increase the reliability and productivity of your network and systems.

Provide customized Remote Access to your Office Systems Allowing you and your staff access to your practice management system while out of the office.

Support hardware and networks
as well as pre-existing networks and hardware.
Support for you every step of the way, providing rapid response times and conscientious maintenance plans to provide your with the greatest amount of uptime as possible.

Provide Robust Backup Solutions
Reports have shown that nearly 80% of all companies that suffer catastrophic data loss go out of business within 5 years. Even if that's not your final result, the security of your data is of critical importance.

Provide First-line of Support for an End-to-End Solution
I, my technicians and my strategic partners can be your one-stop solution, covering everything from "What do I do if I get this error message?" to "Who do we get our toner from?"

In summation, a great number of services are available to you. Working with me, and the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers that I employ ensures you'll have qualified individuals helping with your projects.

Does anything here interest you?
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