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  I'm not too big on selling products via my website, however I have a couple of valuable items that I will be offering here...

eSureIT - Safe, Secure, HIPAA-Compliant Online Backup
I have been asked for a while for a safe alternative for online backup. Until now, I've been hesitant, however I have, after much research and testing, selected Intronis' eSureIT Online Backup solution and have become an Authorized Partner.
To make it easy for those of my clients and visitors who wish to sign up themselves, I have provided a signup HERE.  When you are asked for a reseller enter "stsanford" for special pricing and benefits.

TalkSwitch SOHO Telephone Systems
I have been using TalkSwitch as my phone system for years and have really enjoyed the features and quality of the product. TalkSwitch has really designed a tremendous line of products with a features not found in systems costing thousands more. For more information, please contact me for a demonstration and customized quote for your specific need!

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