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The way we came to obtain services from S.T. Sanford is a testimonial in itself. We were dissatisfied with the level of service we were receiving from our prior computer repair company. We called some other dental practices who have approximately the same size network as we do. TeKnowology was recommended several times. All of the office’s I spoke to spoke highly of Scott Sanford reporting he is knowledgeable and professional. Before Scott Sanford was our computer consultant we required constant attention to keep our computers up. We were in constant need of repair and seemed to be in a perpetual crisis. When Scott Sanford began to manage our advanced diagnostic computers and our entire office network what had previously been a Mount Everest sized mountain soon became a mole hill which he efficiently remedied. The transition seemed effortless and our system has never run smoother. There is no longer a need for constant repair and when we do need Scott we find him to be prompt, courteous, professional and thorough in his handling of our needs. I gladly recommend Scott Sanford to anyone who needs a computer system advisor, supplier and manager who they can trust and rely upon.


 Jennifer Sammis
Office Manager
Total Dental Care of Middle Island, P.C.

Note: The best compliment ever paid was one of the doctors asked (after we completed the installation of 27 new workstations in treatment rooms and other locations) "So, when do you start installing the new machines?" -STS

It is my pleasure to join the ranks of Scott’s raving fans. Having worked with other computer consultants in the past, I can say with no qualms that Scott is now the only one that I would work with or recommend. I believe that knowledge of computers and programs is only a small factor in the choice of a consultant. Response time, a real understanding of what we go through when something doesn’t work, caring about your clients’ needs and the ability to fit emergencies into the schedule are just as important. It doesn’t matter to us if the consultant knows how to correct the problem if he can’t come to your office for three days because he’s stuck in Manhattan doing a big installation.

Another thing about Scott is that he always has a smile on his face. He has a light but confident demeanor and I always know he will keep my computers and network working properly. He has a great sense of humor and I really enjoy when he’s here because he is interesting to talk to.

Besides responding to calls and e-mails very quickly, he is also able to remotely connect to your office computers and fix them off-site, which he has done several times for me. When my home computer crashed and I thought I lost some very important files and pictures, Scott hooked up remotely and found everything that I thought was gone forever. That certainly put Scott on my favorite person list.

One more thing that I personally enjoy about Scott is that he is an amazing guitarist. If any of you appreciate that, you can find him on YouTube and see what I mean. He also has great stories about famous guitarists he’s met and played with. And besides keeping your computers humming, he can straighten your guitar’s neck and keep that buzz free as well.

Not only is Scott a great consultant, but he has grown to become a good friend as well. Keep up the good work Scott.

David Z Diamond, DMD
Bay Shore, NY

Sachem Dental Group
Offices in Holbrook, Lake Ronkonkoma, Nesconset and Selden

We have been working with S.T. Sanford Computer Consulting Inc. since 1997 and they have never let us down! At Sachem Dental we have five locations and Scott is able to keep all of our systems running efficiently and assist all of our offices anytime they have a problem.  Best of all they respond within minutes and often can fix our problems remotely.  


The excellence of your service is a constant source of delight to me.  Thanks again!

Yours faithfully,
Charles Rufino
Rufino Violins &
The Long Island Violin Shop
We met Scott Sanford several months ago when we were in crisis mode.  In the most professional manner imaginable, Scott was able to alleviate our fears and establish a completely smooth transition from our former IT company.  We have found him to be sincere, dedicated and knowledgeable.  His solutions have been practical and his recommendations to be excellent.  Our office cannot function without our computers, and S.T. Sanford has given us the comfort and security that we desired.  I have nothing but the strongest of recommendations to give.
Jeffrey H. Fox, DDS
Total Dental Care of Suffolk, PC
FoxDental P.C.

Donald Binderow, DDS
Greenvale, NY
Comments taken from a letter:
I very much agree with you that the experience of computerizing my office was an enjoyable one, and I look forward to a continued enjoyable relationship in the future.

I purchased Dentrix and Dexis for my dental practice several years ago and hired Scot Sanford to install and maintain the system. He installed - and continues to support the system. I know that I can rely on Scott for his knowledge, prompt and efficient service, and kindness. He continues to be a technical resource and is always available if we have problems. I recommend him highly!

Terry Shapiro, DMD
East Setauket, NY

I am a general dentist who purchased my practice in Manhasset 4 years ago and one of the first changes I made was the transition to digital radiography.
Having been a user of Dexis digital radiography for the past four years, t is one of the best decisions I have made in regards to technological updates!
I continued to use the same computer consultant as the person that I purchased my practice from which until I encountered a major problem seemed to be serving all my needs!
About a year ago I had a problem with one of my laptops where the battery was not holding a charge and eventually shut down and would not even work with the AC adapter. - No big deal I thought!
Purchased a new battery and upon opening DEXIS it read "patient data folder cannot be found. No big deal my computer guy is backing everything up. Well he was but it was the wrong folder! - My heart sunk!30000+xrays gone!? What a nightmare!
So I called the local Dexis rep who gave me Scott Sanford's name.
Scott responded immediately and jumped right in! 2.5 hours later somehow he found all the xrays and transferred them to my new laptops!
Not only did he save the xrays but he was reassuring that everything would be okay which in a time of panic was very comforting.
Now everything is backed up every night off site and on an external hard drive!
Scott is always there for me whenever we need him whether its talking me through a problem on the phone or working me into his schedule and coming to the office!
Knowing that you have someone like Scott behind you is priceless!
Feel free to call me with any questions.

Dave Jones DDS
Manhasset, NY

Steven Cooper, DMD (2006)
Roslyn, NY

It is my pleasure to comment on my relationship with Scott and on the work he has done for me over the past few years. Basically, there are few service providers (of any type) who are as committed, honest, diligent and patient as Scott Sanford. For me the recent experience of totally converting/updating my office was a fantastic one primarily due to Scott's ability and availability. As you can tell, I would recommend his services without hesitation. If anyone would like to call me, it would be my pleasure.

Jeffrey Brook, DMD
Offices in Massapequa, NY and Lynbrook, NY

It is my pleasure to recommend S.T. Sanford Computer Consulting / Scott Sanford highly. I retained the company's services to install various dental and digital radiographic programs into my two physically separate offices. In addition, he created a smooth Internet connection that allows me to access information immediately from either office and for both offices to communicate instantaneously with each other. To a technocrat, it may be something that was done every day, but to me, it allowed my business to move from 1996 to 2006. He is also available and response for crashes and emergencies when you need him. I am glad to have him behind me.
Doctor Brook added in a later e-mail:
"I appreciate what you have done for me and your expertise has made a significant improvement in my ability to successfully conduct my business."


Vicki Danziger
Rockville Centre, NY

Professional and Energetic, Scott listens carefully to what you need and helps to expedite a solution for you to optimize the use of your Laptop or PC.  He created a personalized program for my career needs by modifying existing  windows office software.  A pleasure to work with. Thank you Scott. 

Philip M. Tornatore, DDS
Hicksville, NY
I've worked with Scott for over ten years and all my experiences have been pleasures. He is very reliable and dedicated to solving all problems. He has answered my smallest questions promptly either by phone or by e-mail. I recently have updated my office to digital radiography in operatory TVs and computer hardware. He worked exhaustively to have all aspects of my Digital Practice running like a well-oiled machine. I would highly recommend Scott and his company to anyone who is making the transition to computers and digitalization!

Paul A. Bender, DDS, FAGD
Plainview, NY
S.T. Sanford provided a seamless transition from single user technology to multi-station and integrated digital radiography into my practice. They routinely monitor the operations off site and always seems to be available to handle concerns that arise. I'm glad computers systems are one less thing I need to think about.

Northern Dental
Perry S. Perzov, DDS
Roslyn, NY
My needs grew from a small three computer network for my dental office to expansion into all treatment areas and a dedicated server.

Scott Sanford proved to be extremely well versed in the requirements of the dental office regarding information technology. Several meetings, without hesitation, rushing or pressure allowed me to make an informed decision on hardware and software which were appropriate for my office.

All requests from Scott were met with a smile and a "no problem" attitude. Phone calls were returned promptly and all promises and expectations were met.

Free-form comments from the Staff at
Smiles on Broadway
Malverne, NY

Great attention to detail. Respectful of returning phone calls and messages. Shows thorough knowledge of Dental Office needs and protocol. IT Issues treated and addressed in a timely fashion.

Presents great solutions to backup and data, especially with consideration for imaging storage.

Readily available for questions and "hand holding" during hardware / software installations and upgrades.

We would gladly refer Scott Sanford / S.T. Sanford Computer Consulting  to colleagues and friends.

Paul Heller, D.M.D.
West Babylon, NY

Via Telephone Message

As with me, most people only call me when they have problems, but I just wanted to take the time to call you and say that everything is great with my system. What you fixed in the Hygiene room is running perfectly. Everything is stable. Truly the office is running great and everything is perfect.... I depend on you a lot and you never let me down.

Steven M. Katz, DMD
Smiles on Broadway Dentistry
Malverne, NY

Prior to utilizing the services of Scott Sanford (S.T. Sanford Computer Consulting, Inc.), the computer network in my dental practice was overrun with constant problems, some of which were severe enough to "shut us down" for days at a time.

Mr. Sanford has consistently shown an uncanny ability to accurately diagnose problems in a timely fashion and implement solutions without causing inconvenience to my staff or myself. He has always explained his rationale and choices in a way that my staff and I could understand. In emergency situations, Scott has responded promptly and never left us hanging. All of this is accomplished in a friendly, but professional manner. It is a pleasure to work with Scott Sanford and the members of S.T. Sanford Computer Consulting, Inc.

The team at S.T. Sanford Computer / TeKnowology provided a course of action to recover our data after a serious system malfunction. They worked extremely hard at not disturbing patient flow, front desk output , my staff and personell. They were able to recover 95% of our data within the first hour onsite, and had us completely back online within 2 hours of our initial call in. TeKnowology provides us with a secure feeling, knowing that help is only a phone call away.