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  My goals when consulting a client break down into two major categories. The first is what can I provide for them in the short-term that will provide viable solutions to current issues. Basically, I look to see what exists that isn't working and formulate a plan for action to correct these issues.

The second category is what can I plan for the future. What extras can I provide that will help this client achieve their long-term technology and business goals faster, more economically. Often this comes as a surprise to clients, especially when I make an unsolicited suggestion, or recommend a technology that doesn't necessarily make me any money. My primary purpose is to provide complete, accurate and necessary solutions, not whatever specials are being pushed by my distributors.

The overall goal is to build a lasting relationship of mutual respect and growth. I often state it this way: "I'm in it for the long haul!" It may sound corny, but it really isn't. It's far better to have a relationship that is a lasting and ongoing one if simply for the fact that expectations are easier to manage, and past experience will lead us down a path together.


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